Red Caboose HO 38545-03 1937 AAR Double Door Box Car, Southern Pacific (Sans Serif) #63971

Robert kirkham

Was looking at possible modelling projects and came across the above described model. I see it was discussed a little bit previously back in 2003 (messages 18528, 18532, 18544), but what was said there left me thinking the model isn’t too bad – but needs some unidentified upgrades. Yes, I also see the re is a Sunshine kit, but was wanting to see what could be made of the Red Caboose car. So, some basic questions:
- are any of the paint and lettering schemes for any railroad accurate (and useful for my era in 1946)?
- is the SP paint and lettering suitable for my 1946 model era? The large Southern Pacific to the right of the doors strikes me as a possibly later style.
- roof and end colour should be?
- door width and door design?
- side sill tab changes?

Anything else obvious?

Rob Kirkham

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