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Bruce Smith


I'll claim it was a typo <G>. Yes, the eave height was 12' something, not 10' something...

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

On May 13, 2013, at 7:17 AM, aaejj2j wrote:

I think there is an error or I am confused regarding dimenisions in the Bruce Smith article on the FGE wood reefers. I believe the ORERS list the rail to eve height for the cars as 12-1 for the early (1921-2) and 12-8 for the later (1927-8) and 12-11 for the late 1940 rebuilds in lieu of the article stated 10-1 (or 10-2)and 10-8; all give or take an inch. Perhaps this is just a typo of 10ft versus 12 ft or am I missing something?
Fine magazine and articles worthy of a railroad which was the "standard of the world" (even if it was self proclaimed).
Tyrone Johnsen
Rockford, IL

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The Spring 2013 issue of The Keystone Modeler is available for download at
featuring the following articles"
-Â â?oAs-Builtâ?ˇ BLI T1 Duplex Review (Tim Garner)
- Enhancing BLI I1SA Decapods (Barry Yankolonis)
- FGE 1921-22 Wood Reefer (Bruce Smith)

Ben Hom


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