Re: Red Caboose HO 38545-03 1937 AAR Double Door Box Car, Southern Pacific (Sans Serif) #63971

Tim O'Connor

The RC carbody also is 6" too short in height, since it represents a 10'0" IH box car. The SP prewar 40ft auto box
was the A-50-13. I think the A-50-16 was a postwar design, and can be modeled more easily (accurately) using a
C&BT kit. The two RC kits (sq corner and rd corner) for double door cars represent SOO and SAL prototypes , and
that is all.

Tim O'Connor

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From: "Anthony Thompson" <thompson@...>

Most obvious problem with the model car body is door width (the Red Caboose doors are too narrow by a foot). The large block lettering of the road name was introduced in the fall of 1955, so would definitely have to be replaced for your era. As SP, the roof and ends would be BCR. The side sill should be straight along the entire car length (this is easy to do with a strip of scale 1 x 6-inch styrene overlay), but IIRC the Red Caboose car already has this. If you like, I can send you a prototype photo off-list of one of these cars as it would be in 1946.

Tony Thompson

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