Re: Railway Prototype Cyclopedia's

Charlie Vlk


The price for books, magazines, drawings, photographs, and railroad
artifacts have, in many cases, become ridiculous.

There is no question that authors are entitled to their copyright protection
and people are entitled to be compensated for their investment, but the
escalation in prices for many items is beyond reason.

I am interested in the information, not the physical item. I don't mind
paying a little premium to obtain an item missing from my reference library
but will not pay 10X the original cost.

Which reminds me that, having missed the preorder for RPC 26, and not living
near a LHS where I can buy it, I have to send in my check before it becomes
a collector's item!!!

Charlie Vlk

Are we collecting the magazine/books or are we modeling?


I agree. Not having the information available, and having to pay a
premium price for a book because it is simply not reprinted is sad.

Jerry Michels

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