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Charlie Vlk wrote:
The price for books, magazines, drawings, photographs, and railroad artifacts have, in many cases, become ridiculous.

There is no question that authors are entitled to their copyright protection and people are entitled to be compensated for their investment, but the escalation in prices for many items is beyond reason.
That prices may reach points we don't wish to pay, and therefore are "ridiculous" to US, does not make them unreasonable in any way. Stuff is worth what someone will pay for it. You may have an old brass locomotive, and may find it is now worth LESS than you paid for it, thirty years ago, or it may be worth much MORE than you paid. Neither result is "ridiculous."
That said, I agree that the loss of access to information is unfortunate. Perhaps the publishers of RP Cyc could consider electronic editions of the issues they will not reprint. It would be a bit more revenue to them, and information to everyone else. We are actively exploring the same approach for Signature Press.

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