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Small-run reprints likely won't make sense for either the publisher or the purchaser, but perhaps RPC might consider electronic distribution on reprints, or even first-purchase. In this day-and-age almost all print projects spend time as electronic files, and most printing companies offer formating for electronic tablets for not a lot of money if done at the time of initial production.

The retail publisher-folks I've talked to about this have said that so far while there is some crossover of people buying both print and tablet and a little bit of tablet purchases replacing print, the big percentage of tablet buyers are new customers.

Print on demand might be an option after the initial run is sold out as a service to future customers, but the publisher's profits aren't nearly what were on the initial printing.

In the beginning of on-line media there were a lot of publishers giving away content, especially newspapers. This time around they're going to be charging for content as every step of posting something on line has a cost. Many are looking at it in terms that the customer is buying content, whether it's on paper or pixels or memory sticks.

We at the Tri-State Chapter NRHS are working to offer reprints in tablet and print-on-demand as a way to get our useful books from the '70s and '80s out there without a $20k print bill and future storage costs. Tony Thompson will have more on the copyright subject, but we've found that while copyright law hasn't fully caught up with technology, the prevailing interpretation on electronic reprints is that if there was no change to the content, they are treated simply as a reprint in contracts executed before the internet era. So what the author / publisher agreed to on reprints initially is what a judge will look at if litigated.

As for offering related articles from a couple of editions as a package: Great idea. If profit is the motive, that would be a good profit center. Who wouldn't want all of the two-pocket offset hoppers or USRA rebuilds in one place or book? I wonder how difficult it would be to allow customers to customize their books -- pick the groups of articles they want in a single package to have it printed on demand or sent to a tablet. Cool. If Pat and Ed lay out all future articles to begin on a right-hand page and end on a left-hand page, it would work. I like it.

Neat stuff ....Mike Del Vecchio


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The publisher still has them order direct You
could suggest they modify their reprint policy at the same time.
Personally, I would love to see some of the series articles, updated and
published as standalone volumes.

Don Burn

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