Re: #1 Railway Prototype Cyclopedias


You guys are kidding, right? Come to St. Louis RPM and you get an RPC #1 free just for walking through the door. We've given away 5-600 of them in the last two years. I still have a case in my basement for this year's STL RPM--I brought 15 of them to Marion RPM two weeks ago for the giveaway. Ed and Pat are very kind and generous to make this offer available. RPC is the best series of books--we're lucky that Pat and Ed make these documents available and for cheap (and for free, in some cases).

I'm a Big Fan,

John Golden
O'Fallon, IL

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Good for you Andy. I just sold almost a dozen for $30 each to a friend who
will put them on his reference shelf and not in a vault.


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