ADMIN: Re: Re: Ping: Jerry Glow


Note that messages criticizing the business practices of a manufacturer are prohibited on the STMFC. At first glance this might seem unproductive but let me assure you that the rule is well founded.

I can understand the concern a member might have with slow responses by a manufacturer including responses to inquiries. And, the STMFC management has permitted from time to time a few messages regarding this. A deluge of such messages, however, is not going to be permitted. And, I don't think such a deluge is going to help. Therefore the thread about Gerry Glow is now terminated.

Given all that, and while the STMFC management believes that what happens outside the STMFC should stay outside the STMFC, if a manufacturer advertises on the STMFC, they are then inside the STMFC and the STMFC then has some obligation to inquire to the manufacturer as to their situation. The STMFC management has done that. The STMFC management will report when it receives any information. In the meantime...

Mike Brock

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