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Thanks Al,

I dont think it came from the CofG,as the only info i have is in the STMFC reference manual,and it only list`s 300 cars(#3000-3299)with Dreadnaught ends/H,Radial roof.

I had thought that it might have escaped from the Georgia & Florida though,as i have pictures of similar cars at Douglas in 55' on the RIP tracks.

Brian Tovey,UK.

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In the 1/43 ORER, L&W box 110 (L&W's only boxcar) is listed as *passenger* equipment. (Did they maybe use it for LCL on their mixed train?) Equipment owned by the Wrightsville & Tennille group of railroads (including L&W and Wadley Southern) wasn't used in interchange. The 1/53 ORER doesn't show any L&W boxcars.

The sides are Howe truss all right; the end looks to me like an *inverse* Murphy. I can't tell what the roof is from that angle, would defer to better roof spotters than I. Since these roads were controlled by the Central of Georgia (Drury, "Historical Guide", p 359), might L&W 110 have come from the CofG?

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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Hi Group,

I`ve put a photo of L&W boxcar #110 in a photo folder entitled 'BT`s Pic`s'.
Can anyone tell me if this was the part of a group of cars the Louisville & Wadley railway had,and if so is were they used in interchange service or for on line use only.
And am i correct in that it is an Alternate ARA car with Murphy ends and a Hutchins Dry lading roof?.

Thanks in advance,

Brian T.

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