Re: Ping: Jerry Glow

Malcolm H. Houck

Likewise... I have a decal order with Jerry outstanding from Feb 2012
and am getting no replies to direct emails, so I too beg the lists'
forgiveness in attempting contact via this route.

Alan Monk
London, UK
And I as well, back to July of last year...

Craig Zeni
Cary NC

Something is amiss of recent times. Only early last summer
(2012) I'd contacted Jerry via E-mail with an attachment of
an ex-PRR R7 single sheathed reefer image in silver paint and
lettered for Mathieson Dry Ice (mandatory STMF content).
His reply for an estimate of cost for his minimum custom
order came back within a week.

Another modeler and I chipped in for the cost of the ten sets
he required as a custom order and the decals came back
(excellently done, I must add) within about ten days after
mailing out the check.

This has been my only contact with Jerry Glow, but since I
have seen the difficulties experienced by others, which seems
to have taken place almost immediately after my own
satisfactory experience, and now continues to date.

Mal Houck (also begging forgiveness if needed but only adding

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