Charles Hostetler

Steve, I doubt that WIMP is still in business, but it was a small family-owned packing house in Chicago that specialized in sausage. The name comes from the family that owned it. Roy Wimp was president and general manager.

Richard Hendrickson

Wimp Packing Co. was in business at least until 1958, and probably until the end of time (at least as it relates to this group). I put together a brief profile including an aerial view of the plant taken in 1952 that those interested can find here:

They were located just south of the Chicago Stockyards and probably got their raw materials by local truck delivery; but they did ship sausage, bone, and blood by rail. The serving carrier was the IHB but they were located in the Chicago Switching District so the IHB was in general not likely to have been the OLHC.

I noticed on the Sanborn map (which was updated through 1950) that there was a set of brine tanks next to the shipping coolers. I've read a bit about how the fruit packing houses had different ways to bring the heat off fruit - was there an equivalent set of methods for brine reefers? Did protective services for RAMs and RSMs follow procedures similar to those for RS?


Charles Hostetler

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