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Joseph Lofland

I have never had problems getting ScaleCoat.....just contact them
directly. Very nice people to deal with. Weaver Models, yes the O
scale folks. Northumberland PA......

Joe Lofland,

On Thu, May 23, 2013 at 3:35 PM, John <golden1014@...> wrote:



Smart post--I hate to send "Me Too" posts but I agree with you. The
modeling community always finds a work-around to problems, and thankfully
there are plenty of guys out there with just enough risk capital to keep
some products going. Maybe Floquil products will be one of those success
stories. Boycotting a company going out of business is complete nonsense. A
totally unproductive response.

I'm also concerned that the loss of the Floquil lines might kill off a lot
of hobby shops. Brick-and-mortar hobby shops make a lot of money off paint
and painting supplies, and this could really hit 'em in the shorts. Imagine
the day when Floquil is gone and ScaleCoat is hard to get--what will be
left on the shelves?

Required Content: I use a lot of Floquil to paint and highlight my
STMFCs--a lot of MM too. I will miss the variety of BC Reds and Browns,
along with structure colors. They're essential finishing tools IMO. I will
also miss how hearty these paints are, as opposed to the wonderful but
uncooperative ScaleCoat, which I purchase in it's pre-Jelly state.

John Golden
O'Fallon, IL

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Philip Taylor wrote:

Needed some RF&P paint and nothing looked quite
right but I had the painting diagram for the loco and it had the
The guy at the auto paint place had a cross reference from the out of
production old number to what the current number for what his number
be and mixed me up some blue and grey. They were spot on to the photos.
Over on the Passenger Car List one member left in a huff after I dropped
the hammer on him when he called for a boycott against Testors. It's more
useful to discuss alternatives, as Philip is doing. I have a lot of
confidence in the resourcefulness of model railroaders, and we should be
able to make our way through this without wasting too much energy wallowing
in disappointment.

Tom Madden

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