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Greg Martin

Kert you wrote...
I'm building a Tichy 40' USRA SS Box car into, I hope, a Pennsy X26 circa 1951. I need some help with a few parts to make sure I get this correct for 1951. Were there any of the X26 that still had KC brakes and hand rungs (instead of ladders) in 1951? If there were, what number series were they in? What trucks would be correct, and would they be friction or roller bearing? Any other tips that I am missing will be appreciated.


Kert Peterson

This car was the second largest class on the Pennsy for many years and since you have decided to use the Tichy kit you might want to refer to Mont Switzer's article in Mainline Modeler here a few months back. He actually changed the roof to the Hutchins style roof (and beware that these cars had three different types of roof panels) reflecting a late 30's rebuild. Not many, if any car were left in service with KC style brakes by 1951, but you might find a few. They finished their terms of service with the Andrews trucks (which I would replace with ACCRAIL). By 1951 they were "well used" as you might say. The detail on the Tichy kit is excellant and should make into a fine kit. Again I don't like the kit supplied trucks... my preference is ACCURAIL.

Greg Martin

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