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Many years ago a wise "O" Scaler, the late Bob Sypher educated me about using paint from sources other than those made for RR models.

Bob was a product of the early 1950's, and about all that was available for models back then was Stewart-Lundahl 410M. I've never used the stuff myself, but Bob told me that it was like painting with mud.

Guys from that era were always looking for alternatives, and would try everything from stove black to house paint.

In 1989 I had just completed an "O" Scale Intermountain '37 std. kit, detailed for the DL&W. Bob asked me what I was going to paint it, and I replied, "Floquil Boxcar Red". He said, "you can, but it's not right".

He told me that I needed a correct mix for what he called "Lackawanna Plum", and since I planned on building and painting several cars for the DL&W, suggested that I go down to the local paint store, and have them custom mix me a quart of enamel for that road.

He had a color sample he had salvaged from an actual DL&W XM, and sent me and it to the store, where I had the color mixed.

I shot the car with the paint (an industrial enamel) and was thrilled with the results. I have since painted a dozen cars from that quart, and still have half of it left after 23 years, and it's still in great shape.

In 2008 I wanted to do the same for some Lehigh Valley cars I was building. Again, Bob sent me to the paint store with a sample of what he called, "Lehigh Valley Pinky Red". This time, the store mixed it using Pittsburgh "Manor Hall" semi gloss interior Alkyd.

Here's the label on the can...

And the recipe...

Finally, here's an image of an "O" scale LV PS-1 that was shot with this paint. I thinned it with mineral spirits, and sprayed it with a Paasche VL, using a medium tip and 25 psi at the gun.

This paint contains silica, levels beautifully, and dries to a glass-like finish, perfect for decaling.

Matt Forsyth

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