Re: nyc 706970 gondola

greg kennelly

Hi Rob,

A comparison of the January 1953 ORER listings for the Erie gondolas (series 14500 - 14949) and the NYC gondolas (series 706500 - 747999) shows that the Erie cars were 6" longer than the NYC ones (50'-6" IL vs 50'-0" IL) with a slightly larger capacity (1439 CUFT vs 1428 CUFT). This may account for the difference you are seeing in rib spacing.

Greg Kennelly
Burnaby, BC

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A couple of differences I think I see so far:

- snip -> - it may be an illusion, but I think the spacing of the side ribs is
slightly different. This isn't easy to describe, but on the NYC car,
looking at the 7 long side ribs mid-way along the car side, in the area of
the deep fishbelly sill , I believe the 1st and 7th of those ribs is closer
to the point where the car side sill slopes upward. On the Erie car, it
appears the ribs are not as close to the point where the upward side sill
slope begins. I'd estimate the difference is about equal to one rivet
spacing (guessing about 3 or 4 inches.)

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