Re: automotive lacquer (was ...Testors...)

Aidrian Bridgeman-Sutton <smokeandsteam@...>

Another problem, not sure we could spray plastic. Floquil could be
misted on styrene without any problems, I'm not sure we could do this
with automotive lacquer!

You can indeed, and in much the same way as you used to be able to spray the old "hot" Floquil. Mist it on for the first couple of coats until you have an even coat over everything; subsequent coats can be rather wetter but still not quite wet if you get my drift.

Remember that there are two types of lacquers - the traditional cellulose lacquers and more modern acrylic lacquers (which in themselves are rather old hat these days, as much car finishing is done with polyurethane type paints which hold up rather better to weather and road grime). The older cellulose lacquers are fun to play with, and can produce a range of finishes but the solvent is toxic and probably best avoided in most home settings. It is still used in finishing musical instruments, and furniture - usually as a clear or slightly tinted coat, but can be sourced in solid colours though off the shelf range tends to be limited


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