Re: Airbrushing Resin Kits

Bill Welch

I prefer painting the under frame and body of house cars separately and I use the cardboard tube from rolls of toilet paper with a loop of masking tape on both sides to keep it secured, which is easy because the weights are on the u/f. With open top and tank cars I use the green florist wire that comes with the F&C kits wrapped around the truck screws and then hang the model to dry.

I use Badger's Modelflex paint so if I spray the hand holding the cardboard tube or the wire, which I usually do, I just wash it off.

Speaking of paint, I used Accuflex paint from the get-go and was interested to hear Greg's history lesson on what happened to it. I am very happy with Modelflex although I have also used Polyscale and intend to go to my LHS and buy the colors I like from that line this week.

A few years ago I used Gray and Yellow Scalecoat paints custom mixed for Des Planes Hobbies to match the Clinchfield to paint two F5's and two GP7's and carefully dispensed what I needed each time, thinning it as I went. I barely finished painting the four models and the required slight touch-ups before the main bottles became unusable. Very frustrating. Ended up using a Tamiya yellow to do some stand off details I forgot to paint.

Bill Welch

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While the spring loaded "expander" handle works fine for car bodies with removable shells, what does one use to hold assembled Westerfield and Sunshine models for spray-painting? Any tips?
RJ Dial
Pleasanton, CA

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