Re: D&RGW 10"4" IH, 12 Panel Boxcar

Roland Levin

Hi Dennis

I have built both the car with the 15’ door and the car with 6’ doors. I
have a drawing of the brake system for the 12 panel box cars. I have never
seen any information that there were any differences between the brake
system for the two versions.

I have posted the drawing to files section. It’s called
2012%20panel%20box%20car.TIF> Brake system DRGW 12 panel box car.TIF. I hope
this helps you.

Roland Levin

Stockholm, Sweden

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I am starting Sunshine #96.9 - a model of the D&RGW 12 panel boxcar with the
15' doors built by the Pressed Steel Car Co. in 1939. Number series

I am looking for more detail of the underbody (always a challenge - and this
car has one of the unique designs) because the the included instructions
show two pictures with different locations for the components, are not clear
on which picture is for which car, and generally do not give a good sense of
how the the brake equipment was installed on this car.

I found pictures of the exterior and interior of the car in the 1940 Car
Cyc., but no other references in my search at the Pacific Railroad Museum in
San Dimas (cheap plug for them).

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Have a great Memorial Weekend
and God Bless all our veterans.


Dennis Korn

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