Re: Early Refrigerator Car With Vents?

Bob Chaparro <thecitrusbelt@...>

From Keith Jordan -

Bob and Others,

A picture of a similar car can be found in the SFRHM&S book, "Refrigerator Cars – Ice Bunker Cars 1884-1979," on page 53. The photo is of the Argentine (Kansas) Yard after the flood of 1903. The caption I wrote stated, " a ventilator car modified with strange-appearing ventilators. This type of ventilation was only hinted at in the records; the car dates from the mid-1890s. Cars modified in this fashion were in ventilator-only service."

I'm afraid that in the twenty-odd years since the book was written, no additional information has come to light that I'm aware of, though the photo you found I had not seen before.

Keith Jordan

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This image link is from the USC Digital Library and shows a view of the Santa Fe Railroad yard in San Bernardino, CA, in 1888.

If you blow up the photo using the slider above it you'll see a refrigerator car at the lower right corner. Notice what appear to be two large vents on the end of the car. Is anyone familiar with this car design?

Bob Chaparro
Hemet, CA

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