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I have had luck with a regular wire coathanger for box type cars. Hold the hook, and pull the center of the hanger (the part that would be cardboard if it was for pants) out until you have a long loop. Then bend the last 4-5 inches of the loop at a right angle. This part fits into the carbody. You can adjust the tension easily with this method.

Steve Kay

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I use a wire coat hanger, the type that has the horizontal paper tube.

Bend the Hook into a closed loop for the handle.

Pull the two wire ends out of the tube, and cut off about 5" of the wire.
File the ends to a smooth, rounded tip and slightly tapered so the tips can
slip into the Truck screw holes in the bolsters. Bend these arms to form a
"U" pointing up away from the handle, and equal to the span between the
bolsters on the car to be painted. (Make several "Holders", bent to fit the
spans of different length models)

If the legs of the "U" are separated by slightly more, or less than bolster
centers, the spring force should hold the models satisfactorily.

J. Bower.


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While the spring loaded "expander" handle works fine for car bodies with
removable shells, what does one use to hold assembled Westerfield and
Sunshine models for spray-painting? Any tips?
RJ Dial
Pleasanton, CA

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