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Kenneth Montero

Adding an inexpensive Rubbermaid 14" lazy susan underneath the paint stand will allow you to rotate the model to varying positions for spray painting.

Tamiya makes two lazy susan paint stands sold as a set:

The spring-loaded one has adjustable springs. Would this one would be useful for painting the one-piece bodies now being produced for some resin kits? I have used it with good results for plastic models because I can pick up the lazy susan with model attached to spray paint from the bottom upwards, and see no reason not to be able to use it with resin one-piece bodies (boxcars, gondolas, etc.)

The other one could be used to paint the underframe or the inside of a gondola (use a loop of low-tack "blue" masking tape to hold the underframe to this one).

Ken Montero

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see for a holder I built following an article in RMC,
also Bob Sterner's approach to the same idea.
joe binish
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While the spring loaded "expander" handle works fine for car bodies with
removable shells, what does one use to hold assembled Westerfield and
Sunshine models for spray-painting? Any tips?
RJ Dial
Pleasanton, CA


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