Re: Airbrushing Resin Kits

Malcolm H. Houck


I have used a very simple method for holding cars when airbrushing,
both resin cars and others as well. I take a length of plastic pipe hanger
material and bend one end sharply at the right angle. Using one of
the punched holes I screw the piece to the car bolster using the truck
mounting screw through the bolster kingpin hole.

Making a gentle arc I cut the pipe hanger to length while giving me
enough material to make a hand hold. Bending the loose end again at
a right angle I screw down the other end firmly. This makes a large
loop by which I can hold the car, rotate it to all angles and spray as I
go. The loop can then be hung on a hook for drying without ever touching
another surface.

When dry I remove the pipe hanger and save for the next job. I have
accumulated a number of these pipe hangers handles, of varying
lengths from different jobs painting cars of varying lengths as well.

I add this to my personal catalog of workshop tricks, along with using
cheap Dollar Store shot glasses for mixing paints or as parts holders
on the bench.

Mal Houck

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