RDG / S&A Caboose Truck Type?

John Degnan <Scaler164@...>

I am in in the market for ONE set of Taylor Flexible caboose trucks (as seen in the attached photo - S&A256Truck.jpg) and one other type of leaf-springed truck, which I cannot identify, for my S&A (ex-Reading) caboose projects. Thanks to the help of Justin May, I managed to locate a few photos of the two S&A cabs on the http://archive.nmra.org site - #s 255 and 256. These photos show # 256 with the Taylor truck and # 255 with a different type of leaf truck (S&A255Truck00.jpg). Can anyone identify this type truck? Are these type available in HO scale?

I'm building these two cabs in both HO and S scale.

John Degnan

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