Re: ?: 1937 AAR 40' boxcars

Larry Kline

Brad and group,

I believe that the Precision Scale model shown in the ebay listing is intended to be a model of a postwar AAR boxcar with a Standard Railway Equipment diagonal panel roof, Standard Railway Equipment R-3-4 ends, and a Superior 7 panel door.

As far as I know, based on an unpublished Ed Hawkins roster, the only prototype for the model is the RDG 107000-107499 series built in 10-1948. See Ed's article in the November 1990 issue of Railmodel Journal, pp 60-63. The article is available online:
There is a photo of RDG 107449 on page 62:

The ends on the Precision Scale model are rather inaccurate models of the Standard Railway Equipment R-3-4 end. I uploaded an image with a scan of the Precision Scale O scale end, a photo of a much more accurate Atlas O scale end, and a crop from an ACF builders photo that shows the R-3-4 end on PRR X43a 602000. The file is in a new album called: O scale SRE R-3-4 end models. The file name is: PSC Atlas and prototype R-3-4 IDEs. A straight on photo of a R-3-4 end would be a nice addition to this album. I don't have one.

Larry Kline
Pittsburgh, PA

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