Re: { SPAM 2 }: Re: Shipping a plane on TOP of a boxcar?

Richard Hendrickson

On May 30, 2013, at 6:14 AM, Bruce F. Smith <> wrote:

I'll add that there seems to be a pretty significant wood platform on the roof of the car. It's hard to tell if the Cub is being brought up from the ground, or lowered to the ground in the photo with it on the ramp. Weird.

I will suggest another, though perhaps unlikely, explanation for the platform, which is - as Bruce says - substantial, and runs the full length of the box car roof. What may be going on here is the aftermath of a stunt that is still performed from time to time at air shows in which the pilot of a Piper Cub (or similar light aircraft with a very slow stall speed) lands the aircraft on a platform on top of a pickup truck while the truck is moving just slightly faster than the the airplane's stall speed. A rail car moving at ca. 40 mph would have provided an equivalent landing platform back when there were very few paved airport runways on which a truck could operate at such speeds. Today when this stunt is performed the airplane takes off again after landing on the platform, so that doesn't explain why the wings have been removed from the Cub in the photo and it is being rolled off the car roof on what is obviously temporary planking. But it is possible to land a Cub on a small platform atop a moving vehicle, and it is still being done today.

Richard Hendrickson

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