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Richard Hendrickson

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The reporting marks PCTX were assigned to the Poultry Transit Co.
1/1945-4/1947, then Poultry Transit Inc. 1/1950

WCHX was assigned to WC Haffner in 1/1945, then to Walter Haffner Co.

As the car was last used for animal by-products, it is quite possible it was
in similar service for earlier owner Poultry Transit Co.

Here is an interesting history of the Poultry Transit Co.

It indicates that Poultry Transit Co. was formed in 1944 as a spin off by
North American Car Co. who had acquired Live Poultry Transit Co. in 1930.
North American's acquired North Judson (Ind) car repair shops in 1927, which
were located along the NYC, (ie the possible source of the trucks?). North
Judson apparently repaired tank cars, reefers and poultry cars.

To go further back: Live Poultry Transportation Co. predecessor to Live
Poultry Transit Co., owned approximately 700 cars, which were acquired by
International Equipment Co. and leased back to the newly formed Live Poultry
Transit Co. in 1913.
That's all very interesting, Doug, but I didn't mention the Poultry Transit Co. in my earlier e-mail because they never owned any tank cars. Their cars were all live chicken cars and both the cars and the reporting marks were gone from the ORERs by 10/50 because the cars had been retired. So they obviously weren't the owners of the tank car in question.

Richard Hendrickson

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