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I think this tank car has the "AC&F Type 19" underframe. The tank style is similar to the tanks built in 1919 and 1920 by AC&F. The 8,000 gallon capacity ARA Type III tank built by AC&F during these two years had the almost exact configuration of the tank of the preserved car.

By comparison to a known tank car lot of 300 cars ordered on 12/17/19 that were built by AC&F in 1920 (one car in builder's photo about 45 cars into the order blt 7/1920), it probably took AC&F a couple of months to build the car in question.

Using the built date of 7/1920 on the preserved car, examination of the AC&F Order Book strongly suggests the following candidates (all 8,000 gallon tank cars) for the original owner of the car:

- Lot 8657 (30) White Eagle Petroleum Co. tank cars ordered 12/4/18

- Lot 8661 (3) Smethport Extract Co. 50-T 8,000 gal tank cars ordered 1/19/1919

- Lot 8670 (15) Magnolia Petroleum 40-T ? gallon tank cars ordered 4/16/1919

- Lot 8678 (10) Akin Gasoline Co. 40-T 8,000 gallon tank cars ordered 5/9/1919

- Lot 8684 (2) Kendall Refining Co. 40-T 8,000 gallon tank cars ordered 6/5/1919

- Lot 8708 (2) Kendall Refining Co. 40-T 8,000 gallon tank cars ordered 7/25/1919

- Lot 8712 (50) North American Car Co. 40-T "Type 19" 8,000 gallon tank cars ordered 7/30/1919

Since Doug has indicated that the history of one of the predecessor companies of PTCX traced back to North American Car, I would vote for the car being from Lot 8712. However, based on the order date and the built date on the car, the car at the museum must have been (a) the first car in the series and (b) business at AC&F must have been VERY slow in 1919! ALSO - Lot 8712 is the first mention of a "Type 19" tank car in the listing!

Just my 2 cents on the subject!

A.T. Kott

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OK, enough aeroplanes. I've got a freightcar question.

On the Railway Preservation News discussion board there is a question as to the origins of a tankcar presently at the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum in North Judson, Indiana. The car was last used by the Walter Haffner Company, who dealt in animal by-products... yuck! Anyway, the museum would like to restore/repaint the car for an earlier era, and in general would like to nail down its history. One thought they had is since the car rides on Vulcan trucks with NYC cast in the sideframes, that the car is ex-NYC, but that really doesn't seem likely (it's possible) and it's not unusual for used trucks to make their way into service in the lease fleets.

Here's what is known so far:

AAR III, Built by AC&F 7/1919, last tested by Keith Tank Line at Longview TX 4/30/54. The last reporting marks were WCHX 1114, previous mark was PTCX 1103.

Photos are in the discussion at, I don't think you need to be registered to view the discusston at this link:

If you read through the thread, you'll see I make quite the case for collaborating with the modeling fraternity, since modelers seem to do considerably more in depth research than the railway meseums do, simply because the museum folks are pre-occupied with just preserving and maintaining the stuff. Let's show them what we can do. I'm sure any information we can add, even general histories of the car design or fleets it was in would be appreciated.

Dennis Storzek

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