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Just a couple more comments - I think the dome pressure vents on the Type 19 tank cars as-built in 1919 and 1920 were on top of the dome, on the "B" side of the dome lid. Also, the cars had only one ladder and platform to the dome, and it was on the side of the car that you face when the "B" end is to your right. The museum car conforms with this, but the vents appear to be of a newer design.

The Type 19 underframe differed from the Type 17 underframe in that the end sills were "tapered" downward on the Type 17 underframes, but were straight 9" channels on the Type 19 cars. The Type 19 underframe had a wood plank butting up to the back of the end sill and level with the top of the end sill. The Type 19 underframe was almost exactly like the Type 21 underframe, except that the wood walkway sat on top of the 9" channel end sills on the Type 21, not abutted to the back of them! More than you wanted to know!

Lot 8712 is the first mention of the "Type 19" tank car in the lot number book.

As for the number of cars ordered from 12/1918 to 8/1919, there were in lots from Lot 8655 to Lot 8712 (57 lots). For 12/1919 to 8/1920, there were cars built in lots from Lot 8807 to Lot 9063 (256 lots). Thus there was a good deal more business for AC&F in the later period than there was in the 12/1918 to 8/1919 period, so it is conceivable that the North American Car Co. cars could have started being built immediately upon being ordered.

Ed Hawkins knows more about this, I'll bet!

A.T. Kott

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Guys -

I think this tank car has the "AC&F Type 19" underframe. The tank style is similar to the tanks built in 1919 and 1920 by AC&F. The 8,000 gallon capacity ARA Type III tank built by AC&F during these two years had the almost exact configuration of the tank of the preserved car.

By comparison to a known tank car lot of 300 cars ordered on 12/17/19 that were built by AC&F in 1920 (one car in builder's photo about 45 cars into the order blt 7/1920), it probably took AC&F a couple of months to build the car in question.

Using the built date of 7/1920 on the preserved car, examination of the AC&F Order Book strongly suggests the following candidates (all 8,000 gallon tank cars) for the original owner of the car:

- Lot 8657 (30) White Eagle Petroleum Co. tank cars ordered 12/4/18

- Lot 8661 (3) Smethport Extract Co. 50-T 8,000 gal tank cars ordered 1/19/1919

- Lot 8670 (15) Magnolia Petroleum 40-T ? gallon tank cars ordered 4/16/1919

- Lot 8678 (10) Akin Gasoline Co. 40-T 8,000 gallon tank cars ordered 5/9/1919

- Lot 8684 (2) Kendall Refining Co. 40-T 8,000 gallon tank cars ordered 6/5/1919

- Lot 8708 (2) Kendall Refining Co. 40-T 8,000 gallon tank cars ordered 7/25/1919

- Lot 8712 (50) North American Car Co. 40-T "Type 19" 8,000 gallon tank cars ordered 7/30/1919

Since Doug has indicated that the history of one of the predecessor companies of PTCX traced back to North American Car, I would vote for the car being from Lot 8712. However, based on the order date and the built date on the car, the car at the museum must have been (a) the first car in the series and (b) business at AC&F must have been VERY slow in 1919! ALSO - Lot 8712 is the first mention of a "Type 19" tank car in the listing!

Just my 2 cents on the subject!

A.T. Kott

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