Re: Polishing Styrene and other model materials

Bill Welch

I like using 600 and then 1000. "Ace" has 1500 and I have found 1000 and 2000 at Auto finishing stores.

Bill Welch

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Good evening all. I have read many articles and posts about modifying kits and kit bashing. I am getting ready to embark on my first projects and I was wondering if anyone has some tips for polishing styrene or other materials (I.e., resin) after details are removed? Things like molded on hand grabs and ladders need to be removed. Scraping off details will result in a rougher surface than the original molded part. I will be painting or burnishing Bare Metal foil onto car bodies and such. I would like the finish to be consistent across the surface. Any hints or tips?

Keith Kempster
Jacksonville, FL

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