Re: Polishing Styrene and other model materials

Greg Martin


I think you'll need a good supply of Wet and Dry sandpaper, don't stop at
your local hobby shop unless they carry sizes down to 1200 grit which is
generally found in single sheet or packages at Auto Parts Dealers. I keep a
supply handy even though I don't use it that often I have been known to.
Smooth flat surfaces demand it. Use water or oil to aid in the sanding, but
oil cuts harder than water, choose your poison. Work in a circular motion
as broadly as you can with light pressure.

Greg Martin

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Good evening all. I have read many articles and posts about modifying kits
and kit bashing. I am getting ready to embark on my first projects and I
was wondering if anyone has some tips for polishing styrene or other
materials (I.e., resin) after details are removed? Things like molded on hand grabs
and ladders need to be removed. Scraping off details will result in a
rougher surface than the original molded part. I will be painting or burnishing
Bare Metal foil onto car bodies and such. I would like the finish to be
consistent across the surface. Any hints or tips?

Keith Kempster
Jacksonville, FL

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