Re: Tankcar Challange

Dennis Storzek

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Since Doug has indicated that the history of one of the predecessor companies of PTCX traced back to North American Car, I would vote for the car being from Lot 8712. However, based on the order date and the built date on the car, the car at the museum must have been (a) the first car in the series and (b) business at AC&F must have been VERY slow in 1919! ALSO - Lot 8712 is the first mention of a "Type 19" tank car in the listing!

Just my 2 cents on the subject!

A.T. Kott
Considering that it was subsequently shown that Doug's comments were in error (the PTCX mark was at one time assigned to a North American subsidiary, but that company had no tankcars) is this still a valid assumption?



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