Re: Freight Car Measurements

George Corral <g.corral@...>

--- Charles Hostetler wrote:

I think there is value, especially for us beginners, to attempt some projects that are maybe a bit above our heads or maybe that just do things in a different way. As an aspiring steam era freight car prototype modeler my view is that our greatest need is for additional definitive prototype information, but that our biggest asset is an unsettled mind (yes I borrowed that line from Asimov...)
Hear hear!

I believe the work Charles is conducting on his own can lead to bigger and better things for our hobby. His knowledge and research could help in the design of accurate prototype models not currently available in today's market. In his endeavor to discover more about freight car design and the assets currently available in building them, I for one, learn along with him.

Thanks, Charles!

George Corral

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