Re: Modeling air hoses on STMFC era cars ...


Denny Anspach writes:

"5) As a practical matter, on cars that we operate and use, the plastic hoses from Kadee and CalScale simply do not stand up to routine handling. For a long time, the only solution was to use the PSC brass hoses- which served quite well, and looked great (and still do). However, even they brea, or because of inherent rigidity, come loose from mounts when leveraged. In this respect, the HiTech rubber hoses have been an almost ideal solution. They look good, stand up to handling, and do not interfere with operations."

First, it is good to hear from Denny.

Second, while realizing that I may be causing myself to be drummed out of the RPM world, I must confess that, at times...particularly when nothing else is available...I have used tiny "rubber" wires sans the inside metal for hoses. I'm guessing that I'm using #30 <?> size. I pull the copper out and leave just enough to simulate the glad hand portruding from the end. I know... Anyhow, the wire minus its metal is quite flexible. I believe I began doing this when a broken plastic hose became part of one of my frogs and caused the wreck of ol' 99...or was it the Fast Mail? No...I kinda doubt that the Fast Mail was involved, more likely #28.

Given that I don't model a highly industrialized area [ unless you consider the cattle pen at Buford industrial ], I don't commonly view frt cars from the end so "fat" wheels are not so noticable. In keeping with that I must add that back during one of the early Prototype Rails, quite a few frt cat gurus were present at my layout after the Thursday night dinner. I gathered about 12 or so on the far side of my version of Dale Jct. I then informed them that I was going to run a frt train by them and ask two questions. After the train went by, I asked which car had the Code 88 wheels and which box car was one foot too long. No one got the Code 88 wheel question right and only Bill Schneider got the NP box car right because he produced it. So-called Code 88 wheels and Kadee #5 couplers are not nearly as noticable when viewed from the side as from the ends. Perhaps that's because the #5 is only 1" too thick.

Before I am expelled from the RPM, in my defense, I will say that I am slowly converting frt cars to Code 88 wheels and I discard those "twangies"...the Kadee pins. They go "twang" around the room when I cut them off.

Anyhow, good stuff, Denny.

Mike Brock...twang! There goes another...

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