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Back some years ago when Bob Mohonwski and I wrote a three part article on milk cars for RMC, I visited the Pfaudler Company in Rochester NY. Hoped to find any information of the milk tank cars.
I was told that Pfaudler never had anything to do with the actual construction of the cars. Pfaudler just made glass lined steel tanks  and partly financed the joint venture with Genral American.  There was no one there who could really supply any information on the milk cars. But there was a large photograph of one of the cars lettered for a brewery to carry beer. Unfortuantely I can't recall the brewery name.
The Chateau-Martin were former milk cars that were acquired by the company to carry wine.
Far as I know Pfaudler is still in the business of making glass lined steel tanks.
Chuck Yungkurth
Boulder CO

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I noticed that one photo shows that this particular car was last leased to Fleishmann Distilleries Corporation. Were they were used for fluids other than milk? Any ideas what was shipped other than milk? It might expand the modeler's use of these cars besides movement of milk.

Ken Montero

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I am not sure what the correct paint color is for these cars. Any advice appreciated!

Brad Andonian
The one we have at IRM, GPEX 1021, is Pullman Green with yellow lettering. This link should take you to photos:

Surprisingly, that's still the original paint. I remember the car when it arrived in 1974 or thereabouts, and the gloss was gone from the paint then. It was a rather light, yellowish version of Pullman Green.


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