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The page at states that wort is "beer concentrate". That is incorrect. Wort is just the liquid resulting from steeping grain (malt) in hot water... the first step in the simple process of making beer. Water could be removed from the wort and a concentrated wort shipped, but that's not beer, wort having zero alcohol content as yeast has not been added.

I've been a home brewer for 15 years and a member of a home-brew club. The term "beer concentrate" is misleading, leading people to think of it as something like soft drink syrup or molasses. Some big commercial brewers brew a high gravity (high alcohol) beer that is shipped uncarbonated then finished by adding water, additional flavoring, and CO2 for carbonation at the destination. (Yeech. Most homebrew & microbrews are carbonated/conditioned by adding additional glucose after the beer has been bottles or keged. The yeast digests the glucose producing CO2). The beer that is shipped in bulk is more like a "strong beer". In normal lager brewing, the alcohol level can only reach approx. 8-12%. The lager you buy is typically 3-4%. If beer has been reconstituted from a true concentrate where water is removed, it needs to be labeled as such by law. I've never seen such a beer being sold, but it evidently it exists somewhere.

From a 1992 Coors lawsuit against Anheuser-Busch:

"...Federal law clearly defines "beer concentrate" as beer from which water has been removed and requires brewers who use concentrate to label their products as such. "This is a process which Coors refuses to use in Coors Light, or any of its products," Klugman explained..."

Coors is MillerCoors since 2008.

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I'm a new member but I did Google Coors Beer Concentrate and found these
two interesting links, way later than the era we are modeling.

Coors Concentrate Tank Cars<>

Bud Challenges Coors<>

Pat Wade
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Tim O'Connor wrote:
I've never heard of beer being shipped in "bulk" (huge tanks or tank
cars). Do you know of any examples?
You're right, Tim. It's true that far in the future (of this list) Coors
will ship bulk "concentrate" from Golden to satellite facilities for
"completion," but regular beer, whether artificially or naturally
carbonated, does NOT seem like a candidate for bulk shipping. Hopefully our
list's best candidate as beer geek (in Alabama) will chime in on this.

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