Re: Floquil Alternatives Paint Chart

Tony Thompson

Al Brown wrote:
A most interesting list. I humbly suggest that if members know of Floquil alternatives not listed here (or disagree with those here), we might advance the cause by posting them. Me, I find Tamiya Red Brown both less red and less intense than Floquil BCR. I think Testor's Gloss Brown is closer: I'd call it as "rich" as Floquil BCR but a little browner. Of course, matching a *Floquil* paint isn't the same as matching a similar *prototype* paint. IMO, there are 1:1 "BCRs" best matched by each of the three paints named, and I've used them all. For prototype PFE orange, I think the color sample in Tony Thompson's book is well-matched by Model Master "Go Mango 1969-70", a redder orange than plain "Go Mango". I haven't tried the Floquil paint for that.
In more recent years, Floquil has rostered both a "UP Light Orange" and a "PFE Light Orange," which are good matches to the PFE color chips and are therefore also good matches to SP Daylight Orange. Gradually the Floquil version of "Daylight Orange" has become quite muddy, so be careful with your stock. As for "Go Mango 1969-70," well, I guess you learn something every day. <g>

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