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Mike; took forever to dig it up. We were working on a book on the High Capacity Gons of the three Pochahontas roads [the term "battleship" for these is another discussion], and our best information on the 4 Virginian "demonstrators" matches yours.

Frank Bongiovanni

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I know the N&W and VGN got prototypes of their so-called BATTLESGHIP 6-axle gons before placing large orders, but did the C&O do this too? I've found information on 1,000 C&O cars - 100000-100999 - but were there any more?

This is the information I have put together on the four VGN prototype cars of 1917, but I'm not sure I have correctly matched the cars with the proper builder.

VGN 50000 Pressed Steel Car Co.
VGN 50001 Cambria Steel Co.
VGN 50002 Standard Steel Car Co.
VGN 50003 VA Bridge & Iron

Can anyone verify this?

Mike Palmieri - Fort Worth, Texas

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