Floquil Alternatives

Norm Buckhart

has anyone taken a look at the new Tru-Color Paint line? These are
high quality lacquer paints. Norm Buckhart

On Jun 10, 2013, at 4:55 AM, lnbill wrote:

I don't think MicroScale is singling out Scalecoat as they leave off
all the railroad paints, Modelflex for example. I appreciate that
they have looked to the other lines of hobby paints as substitutes
for RR paints, particularly since I am color-blind and usually
cannot distinguish between brown and green and purple and blue for
example, and anytime there is a subtle difference of colors, even
when they are side-by-side, I am usually clueless.

Bill Welch

--- In STMFC@yahoogroups.com, "John Sykes" <John.Sykes@...> wrote:

Their list completely ignores ScaleCoat I and ScaleCoat II, which
both have better matches than most of the ones on their list.

Of course ScaleCoat I is a lacquer and ScaleCoat II is an enamel.
No acrylics.

Coincidentally, ScaleCoat II just came out with a series of flat
weathering colors.

-- John

--- In STMFC@yahoogroups.com, "Bob Chaparro" <thecitrusbelt@> wrote:

Microscale Industries put together a cross reference chart to
identify substitute paint colors from alternate paint manufacturers
to Testors' Floquil line. Here is the link:


Bob Chaparro
Model Railroads of Southern California

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