Re: Floquil Alternatives Paint Chart

Tony Thompson

Greg Martin wrote:

The issue with this is in a year or two if and when the FLOQUIL colors are completely out of the market there is going to be somebody that tells somebody that this is gospel because MICROSCALE said so...
Do we know that all the Floquil and Polly S COLORS are going away, or that the Floquil BRAND is going away? Model Master already carries some paints with railroad names, and maybe they plan to rebrand some of the Floquil ones. The Testor's announcement seems pretty coy about exactly what they will do. There are persistent rumors of possible sale of the Floquil line, also.

That said, we have fine paints out there now in Star Brand and Tru-Color and I am sure I can convert my needs that way. I have already used both for a few projects and they seem to work just fine. I have never been satisfied with Scalecoat but maybe I can revisit that too. So I'm not one of those feeling panicky.

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