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Armand Premo

For what it's worth,I believe the most grievous error a modeler can make is to over do weathering.My taste lean more to subtle weathering.An overly weathered car will stand out as much as a brightly colored car.Visitors will remember it.A technique that I favor is to star with the basic color and go from there.Others might favor mixing a diluted tone.I do not profess to be an expert on weathering ,but feel strongly that it is a matter of individual taste.After all it is Your model and as long as you are satisfied with it that's really all that matters.Armand Premo

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Um yes, it certainly works to fade paint, if you have the time (several years at least to get a noticable fade). However, there are lots of other issues.

1) Today's model paint and yesteryear's prototype paints are very different beasts, so don't expect them to fade in the same direction as each other.
2) You have to expose all sides to the sun...
3) Weathering effects due to other things (rain, particulates, etc...) are not to scale and may look odd at best
4) The substrate of the model is very different from the prototype car and therefore the overall effect would likely not be the same at all. After all, on that plastic car, the rivets won't start rusting through the paint, now will they <G>?
5) Prototype cars were exposed to motion as well as different environments. A stationary model would not have these effects either.



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On Jun 12, 2013, at 12:55 PM, Gene wrote:

My son (who models the DM&IR but I love him anyway) is considering testing whether leaving freight cars out in the sun will "weather" them. Has anyone tried this?
Gene Green

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