Re: : Weathering freight cars


To add a few more observations, my modeling period of 1953/1954 features the introduction of a relatively large amount of new frt cars into the US fleet. This was the time during which the frt cars of WWII were being replaced by new cars. For example, the PS-1. I try to weather cars built after 1950 in a less "dirty" mode compared to earlier cars, particularly those not recently painted. In essence, the older the car, the more weathered the car. Add ten if the car spent time in Pittsburgh.

Richard is correct, I think, with regard to coal fired engines. Having been drenched by coal cinders produced by 3985, 1218, 611, and others, and having observed Steve Lee's newly acquired blackened face after running 3985 when coal fired, coal is indeed dirty. And, the coal fired industries of the northeast [ east of the Sierras of course ] helped.

I think Tony has it right. A mixture based on location and age.

Mike Brock

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