Re: : Weathering freight cars

Charlie Duckworth

To me, weathering my freight cars is one of the most rewarding part of our hobby, it separates those who try to accurately model a railroad from those operate a model railroad.

I'll sit down with 'The Postwar Freight Car Fleet ' (Larry Kline and Ted Culotta) and WPA color shots of the freight cars shot in the CNW yards to get that 'final look'' I want for my model. Additional sources are the numerous articles published over the years by several members of this group. Weathering wood boxcar takes a different approach than doing a steel car but that's all part of the fun.

Using photographic evidence keeps one from over weathering a car, or in the case of a few PRR cars I have photos of it will give me the validation to keep pushing the envelope.

Great thread.
Charlie Duckworth

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