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I wholeheartedly support all the great views that have been presented here, and can only add a few additional points:

Jack Consoli and I did an in-depth weathering clinic at the PRRT&HS meet a few weeks ago, and I stared at hundreds of images before preparing the PowerPoint, and we both stressed the following additional points:

1) Look long and hard at a photo of a car you want to replicate, and determine what you are REALLY looking at: soot? Soot/dirt collecting in seams? Rust development in seams and on rivets? Paint fade? Peeling? Corrosion on sheets? What is the sequence you need to follow to replicate that? Look long and HARD!

2) Age since last Paint and Lettering is a very large determinant in how something looks. Measureable weathering is evident on cars only one year after new P&L, and it progresses exponentially (almost along an S-shaped curve) through the life of that P&L, before it gets to be uniformly horrible.

3) Certain roads, with huge fleets, had a higher percentage of truly horrible cars. PRR and NYC were both big offenders.

4) No one method produces perfect results. Prepare yourself to draw many tools out of the tool kit. Washes, powders, chalk, pencils, highlighting, airbrushing, drybrushing, all have their roles. I am now using them all to some degree.

Elden Gatwood

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My two cents on the excellent weathering notes that have already been offered by the group: as with most modeling, I think we come closest to verisimilitude-to fooling our viewers into thinking they are looking at a prototype-when we model the common, the ordinary, as opposed to portraying the unusual and the extraordinary. This applies to weathering as much as it does to most modeling, and I often remind myself of this lest I go seriously "off the rails."

That's my rule, but as your model railroad is yours-and yours alone-you should do anything you please.



Michael Gross
La CaƱada, CA

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