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Tom Palmer

Hi Gary,

In the October 1940 ORER MKT lists 297 cars in the
74105-75597 36' steel under frame boxcars. There were two groups of DS cars
of similar appearance. One group built in 1913 by ACF and a group built in
1923 by the MKT shops. Several of the 1913 cars were rebuilt into cabooses
in 1941. During the war many other cars from both groups were rebuilt into
MW cars. After the war what was left were either scrapped or went to MW. Yes
most were painted yellow when shopped in the late 1930's and early 1940's to
supply cars for the war effort. None were upgraded to AB brakes. There is
one of the caboose rebuilds located in Smithville Texas that is privately

Best regards,

Tom Palmer

Stafford, Texas

Modeling the Katy in 1952

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There is a picture of one of these cars in a Santa Fe train in 1940 in Santa
Fe Heritage Vol at page 166. It has Murphy ends and a fish belly. A
telephone line covers the number. What were the numbers of these cars? It
appears that the car is in MKT yellow with the side repaint for a reweigh a
very, very light color. Was this class painted yellow?

gary laakso
south of Mike Brock

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