Re: Evidence for loading SFRD reefers on the SP

Tony Thompson

Ken Roth wrote:
I was reading Tony Thompson's latest blog on PFE Ice Reefers and upgrading old CB&T SFRD reefers. In the article on SFRD reefers, Tony mentions that SRFD reefers were not loaded on SP, and vice-versa PFE cars on the Santa Fe. I would like to offer some evidence of loading SFRD reefers with pears in Southern Oregon in 1949 and 1950 . . . For my Siskiyou line pike, this justifies a wonderful mix of PFE, ART, and SFRD equipment.
That it happened occasionally does not, in my view, "justify" loading SFRD cars more than quite rarely. Conductor book data I have seen COULD justify some FGE cars being loaded, even a few NP cars, more than SFRD. Sorry, but in my opinion, you shouldn't load more than one SFRD car in a hundred, if that. I mean, of course, if you are trying to be realistic. If not, then you can do what you like.
Tony Thompson

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