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I have the following number series.


At the NP society page, Google "NPRHA", then go to, in order, Research Library, Diagrams of NP Equipment, Box car Diagrams.


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I recently finished a Funaro & Camerlengo resin kit for a Northern Pacific, 36-foot, double-sheathed box car with fish belly side sills. The kit notes the prototype cars were built in 1906 by Standard Steel Car Company in the series 38300-39049. The 1926 ORER I have on hand lists two additional Northern Pacific number series for box cars with 36-foot inside length.

18000-18249 with 105 cars in service.
37300-38299 with 935 cars in service

Are either of these two NP car series similar enough to the 38300-39049 series of NP box cars? NP 37339 can be seen in this early image of Duluth. The car has similarities to the 38300-39049 cars.

I'm trying to determine if the F&C kit can be used for additional NP, 36-foot, DS, fish belly side sill box car series.


Eric Hansmann
El Paso, TX

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