Frustrations with Sunshine's Kit #104-2 NJI&I 3000 series #104-2

Bill Welch

I have done my share of dealing with mismatched parts but I think
this kit takes the cake. Further the prototype had a radial roof but
the modeler gets a pair of ends intended for a peaked roof and is
instructed to use filler to achieve the proper fit and contour. Say

Instead of following this foolish path I AAC'ed some plastic strip to
the top of each end, used the roof to trace a curve on the back side
of the part and filed and sanded until I got the curve the match the
roof on each end part, then used strip of .005 styrene and scavenged
rivets to get the proper details at the top of the end which is
essentially the end of the roof. Actually this was pretty easy. I was
very surprised to have to do this on a kit that cost $42.

Worse is the the two sides do not match lengthwise nor does either
side match the length of the roof. Curiously the height of each side
is not a problem.

Side A = 5.44 inches
Side B = 4.46 inches along the bottom and 4.47 inches along the top
Roof = 5.52 inches

I am willing to live with a roof that when shortened may be off
proportionally to the roof ribs but the sides will suffer from being
shimmed or shortened IMO

I am hoping that there may people on this list that have this kit--
which in all likelihood suffers the same problems as mine--that might
be interested exchanging parts so that we all have two sides close in
equal length to each other. There may be more than two of us that can
help each other to assemble a kit that will be square and
proportionally/dimensionally not too compromised. If you have this
kit, but have not noticed these problems, I suggest you check it.

If your kit has these problems and you want to participate in a
potential swap of parts, please contact me OFF-LIST and I will
coordinate with respondents. First however please CAREFULLY MEASURE
your side and roof parts and include their measurements in your email.

For those that want to give this parts exchange a try, I will make a
photo of the way I dealt with the ends and send it to you.

Bill Welch
2225 Nursery Road; #20-104
Clearwater, FL 33764-7622

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