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I understand this situation in the west for full reefer trains headed east. However, by the time those cars got a place like Kansas City, and they got into manifest freights, what would you expect? Let's say 1952, a freight train with a few reefers on the head end. Would you expect to see only "home road" reefers, or could you see a mix going to various produce distributors?

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What Tony said is essentially correct. What you have are exceptions. I've researched this issue for nearly ten years and, with the exception of the early years of World War II through about 1947, PFE ice bunker reefers in the west were loaded on SP, UP and WP lines almost without exception and SFRD ice bunker reefers in the west were loaded on the Santa Fe.

Yes, I've found exceptions but that is what they were.exceptions. And these usually were associated with car shortages due to seasonal demands. And since that is the situation on your railroad, enjoy the mix of cars.

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> I was reading Tony Thompson's latest blog on PFE Ice Reefers and upgrading old CB&T SFRD reefers. In the article on SFRD reefers, Tony mentions that SRFD reefers were not loaded on SP, and vice-versa PFE cars on the Santa Fe. I would like to offer some evidence of loading SFRD reefers with pears in Southern Oregon in 1949 and 1950. I have a copy of a conductor's log containing a westbound (towards Calif) train out of Ashland in 1949 in which two SFRD reefers (#7319 and #36104 bound for Chicago) appear, with the cargo listed as "pears". These most likely were loaded in Medford. By the way, another eastbound train of empties headed for Ashland from California lists four empty ART reefers destined for Ashland, again likely to be loaded with pears from the Medford area. Apparently during pear season, the SP would load any reefers they could get their hands on. For my Siskiyou line pike, this justifies a wonderful mix of PFE, ART, and SFRD equipment.
> Ken Roth

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