Re: Evidence for loading SFRD reefers on the SP

Tony Thompson

Steve Sandifer wrote:
I understand this situation in the west for full reefer trains headed east. However, by the time those cars got a place like Kansas City, and they got into manifest freights, what would you expect? Let's say 1952, a freight train with a few reefers on the head end. Would you expect to see only "home road" reefers, or could you see a mix going to various produce distributors?
Steve, for obvious reasons, the produce cars scattered outward from their origins, and streams of them joined and mixed with other streams. As you went farther and farther east, reefers were more and more mixed, and single-origin cuts got smaller and smaller. And of course manifest freights would have much more presence of reefers than drag freights, for loads, and often the reverse for empties -- except in harvest season.

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