Re: buying model screws

Tony Thompson

Brian Ehni (A former LHS owner) wrote:
Heck. Just buy everything online because it's cheaper! Who needs an LHS anyway, right?
Brian, I thought about this point, and perhaps I should have pointed out that packaging and distributing small numbers of screws, as Walthers does and which your LHS sells, is an expensive process. So compared to bulk prices, sure, it's very pricey, but for convenience, it may serve your needs. But on this topic, as on any kind of issue of "LHS vs. somebody else," the LHS has to compete, whatever it takes. Better service, more consistent stock, knowledgeable employees, all the things you may not find on line. Actually, I DO try to buy at my LHS when I can. But not at a price ratio of more than ten to one.

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